MBE Recertification

​The MBE Certification Period is 3 years. To avoid a lapse in Certification, MBEs must Recertify prior to their Certification Expiration Date. A notification to Recertify will be sent to the Business' Primary Contact during the Quarter in which the Business' MBE Certification is scheduled to expire.

To complete the Recertification Process, M​BEs should:

  1. ​Login to the Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Portal - wisdp.wi.gov

  2. Verify and Update Business and Contact Information​

  3. Upload 4 documents (Note: If 4 documents are not uploaded, the system will generate an error.​):

    1. ​3 Years of Federal Business Taxes (3 documents).

      1. Be sure to include Ownership Forms/Schedules

        1. i.e. Schedule K-1, Schedule C, Form 1125-E and/or Schedule G

        2. Re​certification Applications cannot be approved without them.

    2. ​Current Business Financials, i.e. Profit and Loss Statement or Balance Sheet (1 document)

    3. Upload documentation of Home State MBE Certification (Out of State Businesses only. Additional certifications are not required.)​​​​

  4. Verify and Submit MBE Recertification Application

Supplier Diversity Staff will review Recertification Applications within 30 days and contact the Business' Primary Contact with questions or requests for additional information.

Businesses will receive a new Approval Letter and MBE Certificate once their Recertification Application has been approved.

If an MBE fails to complete ​the MBE Recertification Application, their MBE Certification will become Inactive.

There is no fee for MBE Recertification Applications.​​​

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