DVB Certification Process

Here's what to expect after you submit your DVB application:

  1. SDP staff will review submitted applications within 30 days to verify that a business meets Wisconsin Statutory and Administra​tive Code requir​ements to become State of Wisconsin DVB Certified. Upon approval, an Approval Letter and DVB Certificate will be emailed to the Business' Primary Contact. 

  2. Once certified, the DVB will be listed on ​Wisconsin's Database of Certified Suppliers​. Contractors, State Agencies, UW ​Campuse​s​, government organizations, and other entities use this database to locate DVB Suppliers. 

  3. Certified DVBs are able to take advantage of the Permissive 5% Bid Preference the State makes available to DVBs when they bid on state contracts and proposals.​

  4. Although the DVB Certification Period is for three years, DVB firms must complete an Annual Update each year and Recertify every three years to keep their DVB Certification​ Active.

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