​The Division of Facilities Development manages the State of Wisconsin Contracts dealing with Architecture and Engineering and Construction of Building Structures. Click link below for information on bidding opportunities and bidding protocols.


​BID - Wisconsin is a low bid state. In general, Suppliers must bid on projects to get contracts with the State of Wisconsin ​with the exception of Best Judgment (< $5,000) and Sole Source opportunities. In general, the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder is awarded the contract.​ MBEs 

WIN - Diverse Suppliers must submit low or competitive (5% Permissive Bid Preference for MBEs and DVBs) bids to be awarded State Contracts. Contracts are awarded to the Lowest, Responsive, Responsible bidder.

PERFORM - ​​Once awarded a contract, it is important for Suppliers to fulfill the contractual obligations and communicate well to be successful.