Certified Supplier Information


Congratulations on your new certification with the Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program! ​Below you will find some helpful links and instructions to help with your business' growth goals.​​​

Bidding Opportunities with the State:

(This information can also be found under the Business Resources tab.)

If you are interested in state contract opportunities for Goods and Services, please register your business for eSupplier. ​Instructions on how to register can be found on ​eSupplier's Registration Instruction Document.​

​​If you are interested in construction and transportation opportunities, please visit the DOA Architecture and Engineering page​DOA Construction Bidding page, and the page listing DOT State Highway Projects

SDP also sends our suppliers weekly emails about upcoming bidding opportunities, so be sure to look out for those every Monday in your inbox!

Please also see our training videos on bidding with the state:

  Where are State Bidding Opportunites?             Bid | Win | Perform -- What does that Mean?

  Where are State Bidding Opportunities     Bid | Win | Perform -- What Does that Mean?​

Best wishes for you to NETWORK | BID | WIN | PERFORM!​

NETWORK- ​​Since some State purchasing processes do not require a formal bidding process, diverse suppliers are encouraged to NETWORK with Agencies and Campuses that purchase their goods or services to increase their opportunity to do business with the State.
BID - Wisconsin is a low bid state. In general, Suppliers typically must bid on projects to get contracts with the State of Wisconsin ​with the exception of Best Judgment (< $5,000) and Sole Source opportunities. In general, the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder is awarded the contract.​ MBEs 

WIN - Diverse Suppliers typically must submit low or competitive (5% Permissive Bid Preference for MBEs and DVBs) bids to be awarded State Contracts. Contracts are awarded to the Lowest, Responsive, Responsible bidder.​

PERFORM - ​​Once awarded a State contract, it is important for Suppliers to fulfill all the contractual obligations and communicate well to be successful.​

Logo Usage:

As a certified supplier, you are eligible to proudly display the Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program's DVB/WBE/MBE Certification logo. To download the logo and see usage instructions, see your respective certifications below:

If you have any additional questions about certification details, please contact the Supplier Diversity Program at SupplierDiversity@wi.gov. Remember to also send in your Annual Updates and Recertification materials when requested.​